Gaur Gopal Das
(Coach, monk, lifestyle & motivational strategist)

Anita Moorjani
(Author and Motivational Speaker)

"Forgiveness is a very beautiful quality of the heart. If one does not forgive then the one who is unforgiving is in pain. It does not affect the other person who has caused the pain originally. We carry along with us these wounds which, because we do not forgive, will just deepen and deepen."

- Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Tibetan Buddhist Nun

"Forgiveness is highly beneficial. It resolves physical, mental, emotional and psychosomatic disorders. It strengthens our relationships."

- Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni, Social Reformer

"Whenever I have a fight with my sister, I am usually the first to forgive. When I take this step to forgive, it leads me to calmness."

- Darsheel Safray, Child Artist

"When you forgive, you stand tall! Forgive One! Forgive All!"

- Anushka Sen, Actress, Bal Veer

"Forgiveness is like becoming the hero of the story."

- Dev Joshi, Actor, Bal Veer

ÔÇťAugust the 2nd has been designated as Global Forgiveness Day, and the Brahma Kumaris gladly join you all in honouring this particular day, which also actually happens to be our Beloved Dada's birthday. What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is maybe freedom because I'm not doing the other person a favor but rather I'm doing myself a favor."

- Sister Jayanti, Brahma Kumaris