Clear Your Doubts

What is true forgiveness?

True forgiveness is like a cancelled cheque – torn and thrown into the waste paper basket. When you forgive – learn to forget too! Forgiveness is not completed till you push out all thoughts of the past from your mind, until you free yourself from the impact of the wrong done to you, until you forget it all!

It is not easy to forgive. How to do so?

We cannot forgive for we are dominated by the ego, which holds grudges. When the ego is gone, forgiveness is easy.

How does one stay away from a very close friend who has hurt you so deeply? Should one clarify the whole matter and speak up or suffer in silence?

It all depends on what your friend is like. If he has an understanding heart, you can talk to him or her, whatever the case be. But otherwise, the best way is to follow the way of forgiveness. If your friend has not behaved properly towards you, forgive. If you have not behaved properly towards your friend go and ask for forgiveness. It doesn’t make you small to realize your mistake.

Thoughts of the past keep haunting me. My world is falling apart. What should I do?

We are the creators of our own world. We are the builders of our own destiny. And the beginning is in the thought. You create your future by the thoughts that you think. Throw out thoughts of anger, hatred and bitterness from your mind and replace them with thoughts of love and joy and happiness. And your mind will be at peace.

Should a person’s faults be forgiven?

God repeatedly forgives our faults. We should forgive before forgiveness is asked for; it leads to peace of mind.